Sweet & Safe

Sweet and Safe wants to look away from what constitutes our economic-artistic daily “routine” and face the public and the art of a possible “ethical” dilemma.This Happening is nothing more than a gesture in our artistic environment that encourages remember our sweet tooth (represented by chocolate) and our quest for welfare and social security at any cost (represented by money and Banking).

Kreemart_SweetAndSafe_Carlos Garaicoa5

The main elements of the Happening will comprise a safe that will be full of gold bars and coins made of chocolate, and two monitors, stationed on this safe, which continuously show the economic news channel. Additionally, two to four people dressed as agents of a bank commercial office will also be part of the action.The event will run as if it were a cocktail in the banking agents are mixed with assistants with whom they will engage in discussions related to the market.

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