Bubble Gum Cigarettes

Kreemart presents Maurizio Cattelan at the launch of the Toilet Paper Book, published by Freedman/Damiani. Served at the event was an ice cream and marzipan cigarette cake, created by the incredible Guido Mogni and hosted by Laurent Claquin and Dennis Freedman.

Special editions of candy Toilet Paper cigarette packages were also distributed. Cattelan provokes and questions femininity by reintroducing the concept of the cigarette as a fashionable accessory – the public was weary in eating the shocking cigarette cake, even though we can assured them it did not taste as such. Yanna Avis, Honey Dijon and Lady Fag represent the modern women – taking agency in their decisions and identities.

Whether one chooses to smoke, or not to smoke, we’ve come along way baby.

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