Raphaël Castoriano

Raphaël Castoriano graduated with a BFA from the Parsons School of Design and The New School. Currently, he serves as an artistic director, art advisor, curator. Castoriano has been working in contemporary art for over 20 years. Raphaël served as a founder and first Artistic Director for The Museum of Sex, where he worked alongside Angela Westwater.  He has a long history of cultivating relationship with artists and collectors and a keen ability to anticipate the trends of the art world. In 2009, Castoriano founded Kreëmart, a collaborative artistic entity that takes contemporary artists out of their typical creative process by providing the medium of sugar as their ultimate provocation. Kreemart has been featured in publications such as Vogue, The New York Times, W Magazine, Refinery29, and artnet, to name a few. 

Raphaël and Marina Ambramovic 

Raphaël and Takashi Murakami

Raphaël and Angela Missoni 

Raphael and Ai Wei Wei

Past collaborations include Tony Oursler, Marina Ambramovic, Maurizio Cattelan, Rirkit Tiravanija, Vik Muniz, Terence Koh, Kalup Linzy, Anselm Reyle, and Richard Tuttle among many other established and emerging artists.

Additionally, Raphael is an Empressario of Classical Music having collaborated with Voytek Matushevski. Castoriano has dedicated 3 plaques in NYC to famous musicians: Sergei Vassilevich Rachmaninoff, Ignancy Jan Paderewski, and Teresa Carreño. These plaques continue to hang in the city today. 

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