Raphaël Castoriano

Raphael Castoriano is an  artist, art advisor and founder & creative director of Kreëmart . Raphael Castoriano is very well known in contemporary art circles around the world.


Castoriano has a long history of cultivating relationships with artists, gallerists, museums and collectors internationally. He has a keen ability to anticipate the trends of the art world, continuously producing groundbreaking works year after year. In 2009, Castoriano founded Kreëmart, a collaborative artistic entity that takes contemporary artists out of their typical creative process by providing the medium of sugar as their ultimate provocation. Through Kreëmart, Castoriano has collaborated with many of the most influential artist in the world- including Marina Abramovic, Maurizio Cattelan, Rirkrit Tiravanija, Vik Muniz, Kenny Scharf , Anselm Reyle, and Richard Tuttle, among many other established and emerging artists- all of which are featured in major museums around the world today and are themselves giants in the history of contemporary art.

Kreëmart pairs these exceptional artists with the best chefs in the world, including Daniel Boloud , Domique Anselm (inventor of Cronut ) Pierre Herme , Saint Ambroeous and Ladurée. Kreëmart’s work has been presented around the most prestigious museums and art fairs worldwide- Moma Museum (NYC) , Guggenheim Museum (NYC), Whitney Musuem (NYC), Moca Museum (Los Angeles), Palais de Tokyo Musuem (Paris) , Garage Museum (Moscow) , Asia Society (Hong Kong) , Art Basel (Miami) , Art Basel (Switzerland) , Armory Fair (NYC) , Independent Art Fair (NYC), ART Rio (Rio de Janeiro), CCBB Museum (Brasilia) , Biennal SP (Sao Paulo), Venice Binnale (Venice), CIFO (Miami). Harrods (London), and Le Rosey  Boarding School (Rolle, Switzerland)


In 2017 he invented the Pastry Portrait™: Identity in the Form of Taste which revolutionized the industry of Taste. The Pastry Portrait™ seeks to define the essence of a person or entity and translate it to a particular Taste using a unique technique including an in depth interview and a scientifically proven set of questions, called the Papillae Questionaire. After exploring several options of forms of taste, Castoriano came to the conclusion to partner with the worlds best macaron inventors, Ladurée, to create identity in the form of taste: a macaron. The idea was launched with the most notorious artist today, Marina Abramovic, in October 2017. The Pastry Portrait™ of Marina Abramovic was presented at Harrods London/ Laduree and  Laduree / Rivoli , FIAC /Paris .


Soon after, The Hebrew University  (The Edmond and Lily Safra Brain Institute) commissioned Castoriano to create a Pastry Portrait™ for their 100th Anniversary Celebration. Castoriano chose to collaborate with renowned video artist Tony Oursler and the most influential Neuroscientist Prof Idan Segev to make The Pastry Portrait of Tony Oursler. The experience is called Mind Blow and consists of a video performance and the consumption of Tony’s Taste- a macaron that glows in the dark


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Tate Modern, Sant Ambreous, Christies, W Magazine, Dasha Zukova Abramovich, GQ Magazine,Givenchy, LVMH, Fekkai, Renault Nissan, Ritz Carlton, W Hotels, Audi, Art Basel, UBS Bank, Toilet Paper,Swiss Institute NYC, Whitney Museum, Mueum of Modern art, Moca Museum los Angeles, Barneys NYC, Asia Society, Absolute Vodka, Heberew University, Ivory Press – Madrid, Ladurée, Pompeii Archeological Park



Raphaël Castoriano is the founder of Kreëmart, a collaborative artistic entity that takes contemporary artists out of their typical creative process by providing the medium of sugar as the ultimate provocation. Kreëmart guides the artists’ vision toward the creation of unique ingestible editions presented in the form of public and private art Happenings. Kreëmart typically presents the public with a limited ingestible art edition so the public can decide whether the experience or the work itself has more value: to eat or not to eat.

Raphaël and Marina Ambramovic 

Raphaël and Takashi Murakami

Raphaël and Angela Missoni 

Raphael and Ai Wei Wei

Past collaborations include Tony Oursler, Marina Ambramovic, Maurizio Cattelan, Rirkit Tiravanija, Vik Muniz, Terence Koh, Kalup Linzy, Anselm Reyle, and Richard Tuttle among many other established and emerging artists.

Additionally, Raphael is an Empressario of Classical Music having collaborated with Voytek Matushevski. Castoriano has dedicated 3 plaques in NYC to famous musicians: Sergei Vassilevich Rachmaninoff, Ignancy Jan Paderewski, and Teresa Carreño. These plaques continue to hang in the city today. 

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