More Beautiful Than Silence

Kreemart presents Alexandre Errechea at CIFO Miami Art Basel 2015. In collaboration, Kreemart and Errechea are exploring a series of written word sentences translating into sounds that one might encounter in daily life provoking a sense of nostalgia.   MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN SILENCE opens a door to evoke through sound situations described and which denotes a full occupation of time. Nothing is free everything that happens around us is relevant. Phrases to arouse our curiosity or to keep us curious. Hitting with a hammer reveals another blow, another friction and echoing each sentence which runs in our memory as a sound. 


Sounds that one may or may have not actually experienced are being brought as a challenge and in order to encounter this experience, we invite our audience to break free from contained boxes. This may be seen as a liberation of contained memories or dream like states that reside in the psyche. Once unleashed, can written word provoke the imagination enough for someone to actually experience sound through silence? 


These sentences are phrases that are meant to arouse or keep our curiosity. The act of hitting with a hammer reveals another blow, another friction and echoing each sentence that runs in our memory as a sound. The boxes containing each sound are made of sugar. Our audience may taste the fondant or just let it go it go on the floor. The exploration is abstraction of taste through sound. The taste here is not be the central experience but the abstraction of it.


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