You’re My Drug Of Choice

You’re My Drug of Choice” was a unique installation and interactive experience by Baron Von Fancy at Gallery Melissa, the flagship store of Melissa Shoes in New York City, which debuted during New York Fashion Week 2014.


Kreëmart and the Baron decided upon fountains of Kool-aid, a double-cup Styrofoam edition and a selection of wall panels to illicit themes of addiction, indoctrination, and consumption. Throughout the evening people filled their cups from the fountains, spiked them with tasty vodka and received (temporary) tattoos. In America, these cups are synonymous with lower income neighborhoods, often used to drink ‘purp’, a recreational drink popular in the South. By making allusions to a specific drug culture, Baron Von Fancy is appropriating and transforming such into his own drug of choice, as addictive as any; Sugar. What is your ‘Drug of Choice’?

Doris Cup - hi res

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