Rob Wynne

Rob Wynne tests the boundaries of kitsch and beauty, sappiness and profundity in his delicately crafted mixed-media objects, installations, drawings, and canvases. Though he uses a range of techniques and mediums, hand-blown glass is central to his work. Claiming that he is “always trying to break rules and embrace the imperfection in glass making,” Wynne demonstrates its malleability, shaping it into text pieces and objects exquisite and absurd, including eyeballs and mushrooms. Text, too, is key to his practice. He uses words—embroidered over images, formed of glass, painted onto objects—to alter meaning and suggest narratives. In his “Embroidered Paintings,” for example, he embroiders open-ended words and phrases, like “come back,” over Rococo images, whose treacly sentimentality he simultaneously sends-up and complicates—hinting that the serious and the mawkish may be shades of the same thing.

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