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Marina Abramovic “The Silver Nose”


Marina Abramovic is here to remind you, that no, you don't need that $15k rhinoplasty, you just need to accept your more prominent features for what they are—big, beautiful, and as unique as this mixture of silver and chocolate. Remind yourself on the daily with this mold of Marina Abramovic’s Nose, composed in dark chocolate and painted with edible silver pigment, designed by the artist in collaboration with Kreëmart and chef Guido Mogni. Edition of 540.

Product Description

The work is a cast of Abramovic’s own nose and serves as an homage to Nicolai Gogol’s eponymous 19th century short story “The Nose.” In Gogol’s story, a man is in pursuit of his escaped nose. Abramovic reverses the narrative, multiplying her own nose and allowing the whole audience to take one.

This Silver Nose further explores the artist’s interest in casting hew own facial features in edible materials, designating a part of herself to be consumed by her audience.

Originally served at the opening reception for the artist's retrospective at Garage Center for Contemporary Culture in Moscow, Russia.