Kreëmart CBD Lounge

Kreëmart salons challenge a range of various publics in today’s art world to think about controversial topics and openly discuss them in a fluent dialogue with the public. Kreëmart Lounge is a conversation- opening the hearts and minds of people about Cannabidiol- or CBD.

The idea of Kreëmart Lounge was inspired by a conversation between Laura Lehmann, an advocate in the CBD and Hemp Industries, and Raphael Castoriano, Creative Director of Kreëmart. CBD is oil extracted from cannabis containing a high number of health benefits, which include aiding anxiety, depression, stress, inflammation, migraines, and general pain. CBD is also found within many prescription meds already- particularly those that help people experiencing epilepsy or seizures. Unlike marijuana, CBD is a non-psychoactive drug, meaning its effects do not alter your mind.

Kreëmart launches Kreëmart Lounge as a continuation of its’ foray in to natural substances and food that is good for your body, and the art that comes with it. Kreëmart wishes to challenge publics with this new idea that is rapidly sweeping the nation. Kreëmart Lounge featured an artistic collaboration between Kreëmart and artist, Kelly Dabbah.

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