Golden Lips
Kreemart is proud to announce Marina Abramovic’s Gold Ball dessert performance in collaboration with Givenchy and Sant Ambroeus at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. On the occasion of the dinner celebrating Marina Abramovic’s retrospective at MOMA “ARTIST IS PRESENT,” Kreemart worked with the artist to create a unique souvenir – a limited edition of 460 Marina Abramovic’s lips made of finest dark chocolate with edible 24K gold designed by the artist with chef Guido Mogni of Sant Ambroeus. Teamed with the sponsors of the evening Givenchy, and Saint Ambroeus, KREEMART presents two connected projects: Marina Abramovic’s Golden Lips limited edition, and the Gold Ball, which is to be eaten as a finale of Abramovic’s dinner. In a performative fashion, guests will apply 24K golden leaves on their mouths before tasting the Gold Ball.


The recipe was given to her in a Tibetan monastery. The practice of eating a gold ball happens after a long period of fasting and seclusion. By consuming the Gold Ball together with her guest, the artist marks the end of her longest performance ever. As Kreemart’s founder Raphael Castoriano explains, Marina Abramovic continues to explore the symbolism of golden lips started in her first demonstration of ABRAMOVIC EXPERIMENT performed at KREEMART event in November 2009. The artist was interested in ritualizing the act of eating a dessert. The element of pleasure is not to be overlooked, as Abramovic’s spirituality is always aestheticized. The artist allows us to take pleasure during the experiments of embodiment and transformation. Her souvenir to all the dinner’s guests The Golden Lips remind us of this.


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