Golden Lips – MARINA70

This year, Marina Abramovic published Walk Through Walls: A Memoir with Crown Archetype within a few days of her 70th birthday. To commemorate both of these events, MARINA 70 will be held at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum on Thursday, December 8, 2016. It will be a uniquely minimal gathering in the atrium of one New York’s most iconic cultural institutions to raise a glass to the world’s most renowned performance artist.

The evening will begin with 70 minutes of silence, one minute for every year of Marina Abramovic’s life. Upon arrival, guests will wear noise-canceling headphones that will plunge them into silent contemplation. Folding lounge chairs will be arranged on the rotunda
floor providing the opportunity for deep relaxation and silence. Adding a component of
The Abramovic Method to the event, guests are encouraged to keep their headphones
on while viewing the Guggenheim exhibition Agnes Martin and the classic architecture of
Frank Lloyd Wright.

Krëemart will present Golden Lips, a participatory experience in which guests apply
sheets of 24k gold leaf to their mouths. The concept of eating the gold leaf first became
important for Abramovic when she was given a gold ball to eat at a Tibetan monastery.
This practice, which typically happens after a long period of fasting and seclusion, dates
back to the 6th century and helps to achieve a clear state of mind. It also relates to the
Orthodox Christian iconography where gold symbolizes divinity.


At the end of the silence, Marina will strike a gong signaling guests to remove their
headphones. A unique performance by Academy Award nominated singer Anohni will
take place. After the performance, guests will be served champagne by Rotari Brut and
sourdough bread.

An exclusive party favor will be kindly offered by Krëemart in collaboration with Ladurée:
a numbered edition of Golden Lips, the form of Marina’s mouth cast in chocolate and
edible gold. Each guest will be able to take home this chocolate that represents
Abramovic, and has the opportunity to either consume her likeness or preserve its
wholeness. marina70_kreemart_2_marinaabramovic

This event was made possible by the generous sponsors.



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