Sant Ambroeus

Originally opening its doors in Milan in 1936, today Sant Ambroeus has become a world-wide cultural phenomenon. New York diners can choose between five locations in Manhattan—in thriving neighborhoods like the West Village, Soho, and the Upper East Side—as well as an outpost in the seaside community of Southampton. Sant Ambroeus has remained true to Milanese origins—and to the flavors, atmosphere, and standout service of that first location. Each outpost boasts a unique character and design: a nod to ’60s and ’70s Italy here, Etro textiles or Le Corbusier prints there, with perhaps an oversized Clifford Ross photo adding a contrast in minimalism.

Throughout, the soul is always the same: quality, craftsmanship, and the feeling of being among friends. Depending on the location, those friends may include a mix of artists, tastemakers, fashion editors, and writers, many of whom claim to do their best thinking over a vitello tonnato or a perfectly made cappuccino. In the fall of 2016, Sant Ambroeus Palm Beach opened its doors to a new community, bringing a touch of old-world Milan—via contemporary Manhattan—to sunny Florida. 

Sant Ambroeus worked with Kreëmart on the “American Patrons of the Tate” at Haunch of Venison, and Marina Abramovic “Golden Lips” project at the MOMA to celebrate the artist’s retrospective. 

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