Signed Kreëmart x Baron Von Fancy Double Cup Styrofoam


Let your toxic situationship know that while you may not love them, you are certainly addicted to the drama, with this Baron Von Fancy “You’re my Drug of Choice” custom Styrofoam cup.

Originally created as a part of the “You’re My Drug of Choice” Kreëmart Happening, a sticky-sweet installation and interactive experience conceptualized by Baron Von Fancy. In order to illicit themes of addiction, indoctrination and consumption, Kreëmart and Baron Von Fancy created a fountain of Kool-aid, a double-cup Styrofoam edition and a selection of wall panels. Throughout the evening in which the event was taking place, people filled their cups from the fountain, spiked them with tasty vodka and received temporary tattoos. Double-cup Styrofoam printed with “You’re My Drug of Choice” in signature Baron Von Fancy lettering. Signed by the artist.