Launch of Friends of Swiss Institute USA

Kreemart approached Bastien Aubry and Dimitri Broquard, also known as FLAG, to create a Happening at the Swiss Institute for the opening of their new location The previous occupant of the new space was the infamous Jeffrey Deische gallery. After numerous conversations, we asked two Swiss artists what their favorite American pastry was – to which both answered: doughnuts. Believe it or not, the one and only Krispy Kreme came to sponsor the event in true American patriotic nature. This Happening was shown in conjunction with FLAG’s ceramic and paint show, curated by Gianni Jetzer. The exhibition discusses the affinity for collaborative production, a mode at the core of both bodies of work. This optimistic model generates questions about ideal working habits and examines the philosophical riddle of the individual versus the whole, or alternatively, the dissolution of ego and formation of community.

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