La Veglia

LA VEGLIA by Romina de Novellis,“the awaiting scene”, is a failed attempt at the liberation of the body. Intended specifically for the intimate space of a private residence, the work interacts and connects with the resident hosts and traces of their lives. The artist weaves 20,000 meters of red Missoni thread, slowly unraveling the entire installation over the course of the performance. At sunset, the artist will disappear in the darkness of the coming nightfall. The sculpture of knotted thread is the remaining trace of the physical gesture; everything else is ephemeral, tied to the memory of the space and its inhabitants.


This is the inaugural engagement for Salotto “Angela Missoni”: a fairytale imagination of the private living room of the Missoni brand’s award-winning creative director. The immersive habitat explores the intersection of art, fashion, and life itself as a collaborative space for dialogue between cultural brands. Conceived by Angela Missoni and Kreëmart founder Raphaël Castoriano, the space reflects the spirit of an intimate, comfortable home. Salotto “Angela Missoni” is the second collaboration in the brand’s ongoing Surface Conversion project at the Missoni Boutique in New York.


Not only a renowned designer, Angela Missoni is also an avid art collector. To celebrate her engagement with the New York contemporary art scene, she selected works by artists in her collection, which will be found throughout Salotto “Angela Missoni”. The works were selected in collaboration with Kreëmart and with the participation of New York-based galleries; artists include Marina Abramovic, George Condo, Tracey Emin, Francesco Vezzoli, Ryan McNamara, Josephine Meckseper, Jack Pierson, Mickalene Thomas, Rob Wynne, with more to come. To further connect with the intimacy of the performance, guests are welcomed with Italian liqueur and coffee, “confetti” candied almonds and licorice candy laces. Visitors are invited to use these materials to create their own Kreëmart edition that recalls the gesture of the artist.

© 2017 Scott Rudd

Spectators may come and go as they please throughout the duration of the performance. Cultural collaborators include ABC Home, Assouline, Barilla Restaurants, Ercole Home by Ornella Pisano, Illy Cafe and Levy Lighting. The space will continue to evolve, inviting the opportunity to bring new ideas and transformations to Salotto “Angela Missoni”.

Photos by Scott Rudd.

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