Pardon Me™

“Pardon Me” is a platform for creatives across all spectrums to communicate their true, human and practical strategies for embracing the New World.

The recuperation of time that the 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic has introduced into our lives has created a renewed desire to recalibrate, learn, unlearn and empathize. The flow of communication, from social media to media to live, has become more intimate, raw, and visceral at times. Our more personal assets, our vulnerabilities have been “upgraded” in terms of desirability. 

More controlled environment and productions might eventually return, but as humans and consumers we are now savoring the new intimate and it will be hard to deprogram in favor of a return to the contrived and epidermal pre-outbreak conversation. 

The “Pardon Me” video series captures the voices of over 70 creatives in lockdown around the world, and serves as the ultimate testimony of these strange times. 

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