John Doe

Kreëmart was pleased to announce a one-night happening hosted by Art in General. The event featured David Mramor and his exploration of ‘self’. Kreemart_DavidMramor_JohnDoe9

David Mramor and Kreëmart present John Doe, a subtle yet powerful investigation of identity, or the lack thereof. Mramor uses the image of John Doe as his provocation and by allowing people to embody the identity or project onto John Doe that of which they desire, he therefore gives a voice to the unknown. Mramor is not only exposing specific John Does, he is using the term as an umbrella further inquiring modern-day-smart-phone interactions. The condition the technological era has put us in is that of projecting onto an image of another that of which one wants to be, or that of which fulfills instant needs and desires. When digital apps become the medium of interaction, all strangers become John Does. There is no need for a back-story when physical and emotional gratification is one touch away. In this happening, Mramor proposes a tangible incorporation of another self – that of which has no self and therefore is a blank slate for projection.


As per usual, Kreëmart together with the artist have included a sweet component to the happening as a means to ingest and digest John Doe. By consuming the John Doe, the audience member is incorporating his or her creation.

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