“I Speak the Mercedario” An Impression of the Andes Mountains

Journey with acclaimed artist Carlos Gómez Centurión on an immersive trip into the heart of the Andes Mountains. Known for his en plein air landscape paintings inspired by nature, Gómez Centurión now invites participants to join him as he takes the impression of the mountains. “I Speak the Mercedario” is the latest development in the artist’s landscape imprints series, titled “Digo la Cordillera. El viaje como obra (I Say the Cordillera. The Trip as a Work.)”

The artist will lead participants on a 6-day expedition through the Argentine province of San Juan to the base of Cerro Mercedario. Once there, Gómez Centurión will take an impression of the rugged and isolated landscape for his most recent iteration of this project. 

The completed project will comprise of:

6  painted canvases, each measuring 2 x 3 meters (78.7 x 118 inches). 20 Photographs; each an edition of 5 plus 2 AP. 1 large scale video installation of the project projected onto 12 different screens; edition of 5. 1 smaller video installation projected onto 6 different screens; edition of 5. 

The original 50 meter long impressions of the mountain will be divided into canvases and sculptures.

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