Digestible News

The collective ‘publication’ , created by Miralda/Food Cultura, aims to reflect the urban cultural context and human presence at Art Basel Miami Beach on the pages of the Kreemart News, pepperting reality and perception with a creative, ironic and critical edge. Participants are encouraged to think about the parallels between obtaining and absorbing information and consuming and digesting food. At the Kreemart News room at CIFO, texts and graphics can be drawn with special pencils and illustrated with scanned pictures printed with edible ink on wafer paper. Participants can use their own memory cards or cell phone cameras to generate images. The authors could eat them, share them with other visitors, take them away or donate them to the archive.


Food as an artistic experience and sharing as a creative act have been constant themes in the work of Miranda since the 1960s. The ritualization of food, its preparation, coloring, offering or consumption have become celebrations of the Miralda’s imagination, and then made real by hundreds of participants through the years.


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