Brazo Gitano

During the Art Basel Miami week, breakfast at Ella Cisneros’ CIFO Art Space was enhanced by a special performance sponsored by Kreëmart. Los Carpinteros made a giant Brazo Gitano, deep red in color both inside and out. The actors dressed as butchers in clandestine butcher pop-up shop were equipped with professional knifes to cut meat.

Kreemart_LosCarpinteros_Brazo Gitano1

The cake rested over a large butcher table with the typical white cutting board top and glass display. The butchers started slicing the cake in the same way they would cut meat. They cut thin slices that were served on wax paper to the public. The action continued as the customers got their mouth and hands red. The butchers started cleaning everything that had become stained from the cake. In a pan tank the butchers placed all the dirty tissues even their own clothes and instruments to be burnt in public as if to erase the evidence of the event.

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