Art Basel Miami Beach 10th Anniversary
Kreëmart is pleased to celebrate Art Basel Miami 10th Anniversary at the W South Beach Hotel. This event will feature six artists who will interpret the idea of dessert to create an Art Happening. Ryan McNamara (in collaboration with Jose Angel Tejeda from Mr. Bee’s Specialty Cakes), Angel Otero, Paola Pivi, Anselm Reyle (in collaboration with Unique Designer’s Cake), Regina Silveira (in collaboration with Chef David Schwardon) and Richard Tuttle (in collaboration with Chef Guido Mogni) will participate. The audience is invited to consume these works in a performative way, connecting directly with both the artist and the artwork. The ethos behind the event is that art can be both nourishing and fun, like dessert… The artists, partnered with pastry Chefs, see an opportunity in this project to create something unique.


Angel Otero will invite the public, using the immemorial medium of chocolate, to interact in “Pissing Contest II” a competition that suggest undertones of gender, territoriality and race.

Kreemart_PaoloPivi_ArtBaselMiami101 (1)

Paola Pivi will be giving “Free Tibet candy” to the public, drawing the audience attention towards the political situation in Tibet.


German artist Anselm Reyle will captivate the public in “Black Maximum Glow”, the artist’s renowned neon forms will be revealed to the audience in a dark and mysterious atmosphere.


In “Biscoito ARTE 1997/2011” the Brazilian Art figure Regina Silveira will give another batch of her world celebrated ARTE biscoitos, conceived by the artist in 1976.

Kreemart_RichardTuttle_ArtBaselMiami101 (1)

Richard Tuttle’s intimate nature will pervade “Healthy Cookies”. A special recital of the 8 poems the artist wrote while creating this organic recipe will be simultaneously given by Manuel Gonzalez.


Ryan McNamara’s performance “99-1 (The Let Them Eat Cake)” will focus on American consumerism through two of its most popular brands – Entenmann’s and Chase Bank.

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