American Patrons of the Tate at Haunch of Venison

Kreëmart and the American Patrons of Tate will combine to support a unique art event at the Haunch of Venison Gallery in New York City. The ethos behind the event is that art can be both nourishing and fun… like a cake…. where artists are invited to make a cake of their own design. Each artist decides how he/she wants to interpret the task and what to do with material – what kind of cake should it be, and what to do with documentation later. This year, four artists have been asked to work with leading New York chefs.

Rob Wynne’s cake, created by Lidia Bastianich, Pastry Chef Brooks Headley of Del Posto, has the title CAKE CAKE and consists of biomorphic letters in his signature silver mirrors spelling out Cake. Rob Wynne’s CAKECAKE will be served by TABBOO! And eaten by The Delusional Downtown Divas.


Mickalene Thomas’ cake, made by Bob Spiegel of Creative Edge parties, is called OH MICKEY! and is based on the aesthetics of her video and painting installation Oh Mickey! (2008). Thomas puts together a performance by ten naked women wearing white sports knee socks and shiny red high heels while serving cake. The only way to get the cake from them is to repeat the secret password “oh Mickey, you’re so fine you blow my mind OH Mickey – OH MICKEY!”. The Brooklyn artist’s dazzling representation of women evokes overdone 1970s aesthetics of blaxploitation films.



Marina Abramovic’s cake, created by Executive Pastry Chef Dominique Ansel of Restaurant Daniel, is entitled ABRAMOVIC EXPERIMENT. The artist is interested in ritualizing the act of eating the cake. Visitors at the first demonstration of this experiment will have to put a golden leaf on their mouth and sport a white lab coat in order to have the opportunity.

_PHG1884_small copy


Leandro Erlich’s idea is to have an installation – a psychoanalyst couch made out of chocolate cake. The huge cake, made by Guido Mogni of Sant Ambroeus, is mixed with real furniture. The idea will be to have the guests eating the furniture having in mind the soul’s content exposed in treatment.


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