American Patrons of the Tate and W Magazine

At the Haunch of Venison’s Chelsea gallery, in collaboration with American Patrons of Tate, Kreëmart featured seven artists who will use dessert as their medium collaborating with pastry chefs. Participating artists include Maria José Arjona, Olaf Breuning, (in collaboration with Il Laboratorio del Gelato) Sandra Gamarra, (in collaboration with Guido Mogni and Cannelle Patisserie), Terence Koh (in collaboration with Dominique Ansel Pastry), Ryan McNamara, (in collaboration with Creative Edge Parties), Angel Otero and Janaina Tschäpe (in collaboration with Guido Mogni and Sant Ambroeus).
All of the performances will include an edible component and will feature unique audience interaction opportunities. Kreëmart intends to highlight the parallel between the visceral response of experiencing a work of art and the sensory pleasure of indulging in dessert. Many of the performances will also explore themes of extravagance, gluttony, the monetary value of art and the consumption of the artist in a media frenzied art market.
The event will feature Ryan McNamara’s “Pristine”, a dynamic and enigmatic performance that the artist wryly alludes to, “taste is just the icing on the cake.”
Terence Koh’s “Untitled” will focus on consumption of a smell.
Olaf Breuning’s “Banana Monkeys” delivers a poignant commentary on colonialism.
Maria Jose Arjona’s “Habito” will portray an artist’s ritualistic habits.
Known for his use of “oil skins,” Angel Otero will present the proactively titled “Pissing Contest.”
Sandra Gamarra will appropriate Minimalist paintings in “Éxodo 16:19  … Que nadie guarde nada para el día siguiente.”
Janaina Tschape’s “There is a Pink Cloud for You” will provide the audience with a playful interactive environment. Her installation follows music by Bebel Gilberto, with sound by Gaspard Muniz.
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