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Kreemart Salon: Global Export - Kenny Scharf and Stephan Doitschinoff
Art Rio 2012

Kreemart and artist Franca Formenti during Umami Festival (16/04/2012)
Identità Affamate a New York

During the Umami Festival the artist, Franca Formenti, as always given to pangs of hunger, walked the streets of the city together with Raphael Castoriano, the art advisor and founder of Kreemart, in search of people (starving identities) willing to taste sweet created by renowned chefs. In this case the chef who made this Starving Identities experience possible, was Megan Fitzroy who collaborated with Keemart at the Memorial for Taiwan at the Whitney Museum, and is considered one of the most popular talented chefs on the gastronomical scene in New York.

“Greed makes you eat too much and doesn’t necessarily satisfy your needs”. Megan Fitzroy.

Concentrating their recent efforts on the streets of Milan, Italy, Identità Affamate aims to reveal the difference, which exists between hunger and greed, inviting local chefs to participate. Each experience sees renowned chefs preparing food for people, who we’ve named “starving identities”, who wouldn’t normally be able to afford haute cuisine!

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Art Basel 2012

KREËMART SALON at The Armory Show 03.04.2011

KREËMART SALON at Art Basel Miami - 12.03.2010

KREËMART SALON at Independent - 03.06.2010