About Us

Kreëmart takes contemporary Artists out of their usual creative process by giving them the medium of dessert. No restrictions, they are partnered with the best pastry Chefs to produce their own conception.

These projects are presented world wide in the form of public art happenings. During these actions the audience spontaneously interact with the Artists and their artworks in a direct way. As a paralel activity, the Kreemart Salons challenge a various range of professionals of today's Art world to think about controversial Art topics and openly discuss them in a fluent dialogue with the public.

New York city based art advisor for many years Raphael Castoriano founded Kreemart in 2006 "The idea of Kreemart came to me out of boredom at one of those sit down dinners where everyone falls asleep". Kreemart has declared Art and dessert are declared to be non-essential luxuries that bring pleasure to the audience. For the last years Kreemart has served as a public platform for artists "We enable the public to interact with artists and their artwork in a direct and surprising way".

Creative Director: Martina Franchini

Kreemart thanks Laya Khadjavi and partners in crime Claudia Cisneros and Ginevra Caltagirone.